What's in a name..........

What's in a name..........

Friday, February 25, 2011

A very blue day................

Today the weather has run the gambit.  First it was sunny for a little while, then came the wind, then the rain and finally the snow.  As my mother would have said "it's a typical March day"....but it ain't March yet!  Never fear even though we are probably ruining the planet with our very presence i.e. global warming and global this and global that, Mother Nature has a way of renewing herself that is nothing short of remarkable  Take a look at these photos

                                                        Little Crocus curled up in the cold

                                                 Nothing else is quite as reassuring that spring is near as Crocus

                                What's this???  Daffodils peeking out from under the oak leaves and snow.
  Hyacinths making their spring debut.....can't wait to smell their sweet fragance....Ah spring is near I do believe!   

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lookie what Hubby brought me!!!!

So, I got up this morning and went about my normal morning routine....stumbling to the bathroom trying to avoid stepping on the puppies or what they had left behind thru the night...more on the "free" puppies later.  I put on coffee and went to the computer...must stay connected you know.....and what did I find laying ever so loving in my chair???  A new pry bar and a pair of tin snips!!!!   After 20 years of marriage I no longer receive flowers or lingerie, but TOOLS!!!  Gotta love him..thanks sdaletaxman!  LET'S GO TEAR SOMETHING UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

A few more projects...........

                                                                  "Heaven" arrow sign

"Fresh Hot Coffee" mug tree

                                                            Close up of the shaft........

                                                                    Love coffee!!!!!!!!!

                                                            A "creative" table set!

                                                                Salt & Pepper side.........

                     Napkin side....after all, every girl wants a fella who's "well seasoned and clean faced"!!!
                        "Never enough Thyme" spice rack.  Notice the real time pieces...they still work!!!

With the exception of the "Heaven" sign, these items were all refurbished second hand pieces.  When I started these projects I didn't have in mind that one day I would putting them in print like this...therefore I didn't take any before pictures....I will do that from now on!!!
    I spent today going thru old pictures...what a trip down memory lane......I will sort them tonight and show a few in tomorrows post! Goodnight!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

February is almost over!

School desk painted by me and my daughter, Holly.

I wrote the color names and Holly traced them with a paint pen.  She was 4 years old when we did this. 
This sign I made for my best friend as a wedding present...she married a hot latin guy!

"Time Flies"......It sure does...this was a thrift store clock spruced up a bit..... 

I was into pigs a while back...This one was painted in an Americana theme, purchased at a local craft sale.  The lady who sold it to me claimed that it was safe to display outside....the flag she so lovingly painted on it came off in about a week...so I gave it the creative touch!

These canisters where also a thrift store find...your typical brown wooden 70's style......Now a colorful coffee theme.................

I can't believe it's already February 17....where has the month gone???   I would like to say that I've been super busy with projects and have oodles of great things to share with you...well I have been busy....sorta.  For the last few years my creative need has been directed toward painting reclaimed objects.  I like to think that in my small way I am helping with the "Green" movement by taking old, out of date items and giving them new life...with a little paint and lots of patience...I'm not that good!  I have been painting, however in true Lisa(me) fashion I have not completed anything!  I seem to really enjoy starting projects-planning things out, gathering up supplies........finishing things and displaying with pride...not so much!  Well the items I do finish I do display with pride.....such as my "Time Flies" clock.  Here are a few pics of  the things I HAVE finished.